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Query this table to return a user's privacy setting for a given object_id.


Highlighted rows are indexable / searchable and one is usually required in the WHERE portion of the query.

Name Type Description
object_id string The ID of an object on Facebook. This can be a video, note, link, photo, or photo album.
id string The object ID (this is an alias for the "object_id" column).
value string The privacy value for the object, one of EVERYONE, CUSTOM, ALL_FRIENDS, NETWORKS_FRIENDS, FRIENDS_OF_FRIENDS.
description string A description of the privacy settings. For CUSTOM settings, it can contain names of users, networks, and friend lists.
allow string The IDs of the specific users or friend lists that can see the object (as a comma-separated string).
deny string The IDs of the specific users or friend lists that cannot see the object (as a comma-separated string).
owner_id int The ID of the user who owns the object.
networks int The ID of the network that can see the object, or 1 for all of the user's networks.
friends string Which users can see the object. Can be one of EVERYONE, NETWORKS_FRIENDS, FRIENDS_OF_FRIENDS, ALL_FRIENDS, SOME_FRIENDS, SELF, or NO_FRIENDS.


from a posting on the official docs (2011-02-16):

Hi. I'm currently querying this table to retrieve the privacy settings for a photo album. According to the documentation, when a user specifies "CUSTOM" privacy settings, and makes an album visible to specific friends (e.g. visible only to "Alice" and "Bob"), the "allow" field in the privacy table should contain Alice's and Bob's IDs separated by a comma. However, I found that it only contains a very large number (something like: 10150094209557763) that has nothing to do with Alice's and Bob's IDs. Any ideas about this?
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