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Please note: Facebook is in the process of making the new messages system available to all users. Facebook is providing early access to this API for registered developer accounts only until the new messaging system is broadly available. You should use the message table and thread table for production applications at the current time.

Access to this table requires the user to grant the read_mailbox extended permission.


Highlighted rows are indexable / searchable and one is usually required in the WHERE portion of the query.

Name Type Description
thread_id string Unique identifier of the thread.
type int Flag to indicate whether the action is a subscribe (1) or unsubscribe (2).
actor object The user who performed the action. This field is an object with properties name (string), email (string) and user_id (string).
users array List of users on whom the action was performed. Each element of the list is an object with properties name (string), email (string) and user_id (string).
timestamp string Time at which the action was performed (Unix-type timestamp with millisecond resolution).


Select all actions for a thread

SELECT ... FROM unified_thread_action WHERE thread_id=...
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