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Deprecated Deprecated: Facebook has announced that this method or function should no longer be used and may already no longer function. Deprecated
Broken BROKEN: This page describes a Facebook function or feature that is broken. Broken

Intended to allow a user to bookmark your application. Currently applications are automatically bookmarked when the user gives basic permission to the application. The user can remove the bookmark at any time by clicking an "X" beside the bookmark and choosing to "never" see the bookmark. You would think that this button would allow you to re-add the bookmark, but it does not. (I have no idea how you undo removing a bookmark... if you figure it out please update this --Wong 20:41, 12 May 2011 (UTC))

The official docs say "If the user already bookmarked your application, the bookmark doesn't appear.", but it appears that the button always shows when using the Javascript SDK. (it may be true with old FBML canvas applications)

You can determine if a user bookmarked your application by querying the bookmarked field in the permissions FQL table or the permissions connection on the Graph User object.



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