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Official docs for fb:name


<fb:name uid="4"></fb:name>

Renders as:

<fb:name uid="loggedinuser" useyou="false"></fb:name>

Renders as:


Name Type Description Default
uid Facebook UID The ID of the user or Page whose name you want to show. Alternately, you can use "profileowner" only on a user's profile; you can use "loggedinuser" only on canvas pages. none
firstnameonly boolean Show only the user's first name false
linked boolean Link to the user's profile true
lastnameonly boolean Show only the user's last name false
possessive boolean Make the user's name possessive (e.g. Joe's instead of Joe) false
reflexive boolean Use "yourself" if useyou is true. false
shownetwork boolean Displays the primary educational network for the uid, if applicable. Other networks do not show. false
useyou boolean Use "you" if uid matches the logged in user. true
ifcantsee string Alternate text to display if the logged in user cannot access the user specified. To specify an empty string instead of the default, use ifcantsee="". Facebook User
capitalize boolean Capitalize the text if useyou=true and uid=loggedinuser false
subjectid Facebook UID The Facebook ID of the subject of the sentence where this name is the object of the verb of the sentence. Will use the reflexive when appropriate. When subjectid is used, uid is considered to be the object and uid's name is produced.

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