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Deprecated Deprecated: Facebook has announced that this method or function should no longer be used and may already no longer function. Deprecated
Broken BROKEN: This page describes a Facebook function or feature that is broken. Broken

Lets you insert text strings in their native language into the Facebook Translations database so they can be translated. See Translating Platform Applications for more information about translating your applications.

Note: Despite what the Facebook documentation says, the intl.uploadNativeStrings will not accept <fb:intl> tags properly. Essentially you have to replace <fb:intl-token name="book-title"> .. </fb:intl> with {book-title} and do the same for other fb: tags.


Name Type Description
native_strings JSON encoded array JSON-encoded array of strings to translate. Each element of the string array is an object, with text storing the actual string, description storing the description of the text.


 {"text":"{name} likes to eat {food}.",
 "description":"Story published about eating different kinds of food."},
 {"text":"some other string",
 "description":"hey, it's just an example"}
callback string Name of a function to call. This is primarily to enable cross-domain JavaScript requests using the <script> tag, also known as JSONP, and works with both the XML and JSON formats. The function will be called with the response passed as the parameter.


If successful, this method returns the number of strings uploaded.


Example using the PHP api call. It's assumed that before this you initialized the Facebook object and that you have a current session. Surprisingly, you can't use an application signed access token but any user signed token appears to work.

$result = $facebook->api(array(
    'method' => 'intl.uploadNativeStrings',
    'native_strings' => json_encode(array(
            'text' => '{name} likes to eat {food}.',
            'description' => 'Story published about eating different kinds of food.'
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