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Here's a table of possible parameters...

Name Type Description
params Object The required arguments vary based on the method being used, but specifying the method itself is mandatory. If display is not specified, then iframe dialogs will be used when possible, and popups otherwise.
Property Type Description Argument Possible Values / Examples
method String The UI dialog to invoke. Required name of any of the Dialogs
display String Specify "popup" to force popups. Optional 'popup' 'page' 'iframe'(only works when user is logged in) ('dialog' works but is deprecated and behaves the same as 'iframe') for mobile: touch wap
... ... Other parameters depending on method used, see Dialogs Optional/Required depending on method ...
cb Function Optional callback function to handle the result. Not all methods may have a response.

The exact code used to call the dialog depends on the API you are using.

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