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Query this table to obtain comments associated with one or more fb:comments/Feed story comment XIDs.


Highlighted rows are indexable / searchable and one is usually required in the WHERE portion of the query.

Name Type Description
xid string The external ID of the fb:comments being queried. You can specify more than one XID.
object_id string The object_id of an object on Facebook. This can be a video, note, link, photo, or photo album. Note that for photos and albums, the object_id must be queried from the photo and album FQL tables. Note that in the photo and album tables, object_id is a different field from pid and aid. You must specify either an xid or an object_id.
post_id string The ID of the post in the stream.
fromid int The user submitting a comment.
time int A Unix timestamp associated with the creation time of a comment.
text string The text of a comment.
id int A unique ID for a given XID for each comment.
username string The user name that a user entered when they posted a comment. In these cases, the fromid returned will be 0. Note that user names for valid users are not returned here.
reply_xid string The target XID for Feed stories generated by the user; applications can retrieve comments made to that story by calling this XID.
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