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Query this table to return information about a video tag. The video_tag table uses the same visibility constraints as the video itself, so a user can see a video tag if and only if that user can see the video itself.

You can also use the video_tag FQL table to query for videos associated with a group (given its gid) or event (given its eid). See below for sample queries on how to do this.


Highlighted rows are indexable / searchable and one is usually required in the WHERE portion of the query.

Name Type Description
vid string The ID of the video being queried. The vid cannot be longer than 50 characters.

Note: Because the vid is a string, you should always wrap the vid in quotes when referenced in a query.

subject int For tagged users, use the user ID of the subject for the tag being queried. For videos associated with events or groups, use the eid or gid for subject.
updated_time time The date when the video being queried was last modified.
created_time time The date when the video being queried was added.


Get all vids of videos associated with a user, given its user ID (uid).

SELECT vid FROM video_tag WHERE subject=$uid
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