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Query this table to return standard information about a user, for use when you need analytic information only. Don't display this information to any users. If you need to display information to other users, query the user FQL table instead.

Note: You cannot query this table for a desktop application or in the context of a session secret-based session.


Highlighted rows are indexable / searchable and one is usually required in the WHERE portion of the query.

Name Type Description
uid int The user ID of the user being queried.
first_name string The first name of the user being queried.
last_name string The last name of the user being queried.
name string The full name of the user being queried.
locale string The two-letter country code for the user's locale. Codes used are the ISO 3166 alpha 2 code list.
affiliations array The corporate or educational networks to which the user being queried belongs. Regional networks have been deprecated and are no longer returned.
profile_url string The URL to a user's profile.
timezone string The time zone where the user being queried is located.
birthday string The birthday of the user being queried.
sex string The sex of the user being queried.
proxied_email string The proxied wrapper for a user's email address.
current_location string The city in which the user currently lives.
allowed_restrictions string A comma delimited list of Demographic Restrictions types a user is allowed to access. Currently, alcohol is the only type that can be returned.


Privacy Note: For any user submitted to this method, the visibility of all fields, with the exception of affiliations, first_name, last_name, name, and uid may be restricted by the user's Facebook privacy settings in relation to the calling user (the user associated with the current session).

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